Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seeking a Summer PR Internship?

Are you currently seeking an internship to gain insight into your prospective career?Look no further: The Center for Global Public Relations offers an accredited internship opportunity for students during the Spring, Fall & Summer semesters.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guidelines For Contributing To The Global Public Relations Blog

If you wish to contribute to the Global Public Relations Blog, here are a few simple guidelines to adhere to:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important

As the current social media intern for the Center of Global Public Relations, I am often posed with the question: "Why is social media important?". Thus, I have decided to put together a comprehensive list of '5 Reasons Why Social Media is Important'.

1) Social Media = Free Marketing: Posting content on popular social media outlets means potentially sharing your business with the 500+ million users of Facebook and/or the 190+ million users of Twitter --- in countries all over the world.

2) Social Media Is Captivating: According to a 2010 Nielsen scan, the average social-networking user around the world spent more than five and a half hours, monthly, on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

) Social Media Appeals To Various Demographics: Every age group, gender, social class and race is represented on various social networking sites. A social media presence on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube is highly beneficial for your business.

) Social Media Is Paperless: Observe
Amazon's popular Kindle device (an electronic, portable reader capable of storing multiple books) or the surge in E-Zines; everything is becoming paperless.

Use Social Media To Gather Feedback: Though sharing content is a great use for social media, another great use is gathering feedback. Feedback helps any business or organization monitor their brand.

Though I've listed many positive aspects, can you think of other reasons why social media is important?

Monday, February 7, 2011

What Is The Center For Global PR? - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Center For Global Public Relations (CGPR)?

A: A resource for practitioners, scholars/educators and students worldwide who want to increase their knowledge about global public relations.

Q: What is required of global public relations practitioners?

A: Specialists in global public relations must have the strategic, tactical and technical knowledge and skills that are required of all public relations practitioners. However, specialists in global public relations must have additional education and experience that increase the breadth and depth of their worldview to enable them to better understand, appreciate and respect the range of social, political, economic and cultural environments worldwide.

Q: What type of resources does the CGPR provide?

A: The Center For Global Public Relations provides a range of professional development opportunities for students & facilitators alike. To learn a bit more about our resources, click HERE.

Q: What type of events are to be hosted by the CGPR this semester?

A: This semester we will be hosting various events, including the Traveling Road Show, a U.K. Public Relations Seminar, an Advisory Board meeting and the 2011 CGPR Research Conference.

Q: How may I get involved?