Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Should public relations practitioners be social media savvy?

With the continuing growth of social media globally, the idea of a PR practitioner being expected to be familiar with social media is not farfetched. A relevant question may even be when this will no longer be an expectation, but a requirement.

Many in the field of PR are aware of the advantages of using social media as a tool. Facebook alone has over 400 million worldwide users. Other social media sites include Twitter, Google+, Bebo, Linkedin, etc. With social media connecting such a large amount of people from around the world, it is a given that global PR practitioners should take advantage of the sites’ networking capabilities.

With all of the different social media sites available, and constant changes in how to navigate some sites, one could see the challenge in being familiar with every site. But with the unlimited advantages of using social media as a tool, the expectation of PR practitioners to use it is here to stay.

An interesting article relating to this is, “How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results,” located at

By Sammie Jo Dellinger
Associate Manager

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