Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Women and Public Relations

ATTENTION MALES IN PUBLIC RELATIONS – Noticing more females in your classes? The article “PR- It’s a woman’s world” provides a brief explanation of women breaking the boundary in a field previously dominated by males. It is apparent that women are taking the stage in PR and enabling corporations to broaden their PR scopes. In the United Kingdom, there is an apparent gender divide in the public relations field which allows women to set the stage. The article also demonstrates how women are moving away from stereotypical careers into a work force dominated by males.

On second thought, a female stepping into a PR position requires tough skin. Women are facing issues concerning apparel, and second-guessing which items to wear or not wear for interviews or important meetings with their boss. Check out “Women turned down for jobs based on engagement rings”, for a story about a company looking at hands rather than faces in the interviewing process.

“PR: It’s a woman’s world” is available at:
After reading the article, do you think males should
beware? In a field of high competition, will males feel as though they are being stepped on? What are your thoughts on female development in PR?

“Women turned down for jobs based on engagement rings” is available at:
Ever thought a company would hire you based on the size of your engagement ring? Have you ever faced this or heard of this before?

By Anna Craver
Associate Manager

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