Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Would You Replace the News Release?

     This morning I read an article on PR Daily regarding replacing the news release with a blog. The author, Jeremy Porter, discusses several reasons that he thinks blogs are a better PR move than the news release. Several of these reasons are that blogs are cheaper, you can have an archive, you can track the results, and you can gain reader's feedback.

     A final point that Porter made was that blogs are read more frequently than news releases and thus, would be shared with more people than the news release. Porter suggests companies notifying its audiences that it will be posting all its information on a blog from here on and that they should subscribe to it for updates. This way its audience would receive all its news immediately without waiting on a news release. 

     What do you think about this idea?

     Personally, I think it is an idea that makes sense. Within time, I could certainly see companies moving toward this trend. Most major companies have a blog site already that posts a lot of information regarding the company. A main issue regarding this idea is that some countries do not have easy internet access yet and for international companies with international audiences, this could be an issue. That is where the news release becomes so important because it is so versatile.

8 Reasons to Dump Press Releases for a Blog

By Jaclyn Harris
Associate Manager

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