Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are Pictures Really Worth 1,000 Words?

There have been rumors going around that the press release is dead, but ask any public relations practitioner and they will whole-heartedly disagree. The press release is one of our most commonly used communication tools. The press release isn’t dead; it’s just changing.

Instead of the traditional press release, new social media releases with attached video and infographics are growing in popularity.

Infographics are visual representations of information. They can be used to explain complex issues and can be read quickly. They are relished for creativity and stand out from the traditional press release by drawing attention. Infographics also tend to be great marketing tools for viral campaigns. They are fun to look at and people love to share them.

Have you ever used an infographic release? Was it successful? Do you think a pictorial representation of the information you need to communicate can be just as successful as the written word?

By Kate Brissenden
Associate Manager

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