Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ethics and International Public Relations

For public relations practitioners working in International Public Relations, practicing ethical behavior is vital. The success of practicing ethical behavior can be measured by how trusted an organization, company, etc. is. Trust must be present in order to establish strong, long-lasting relationships with publics. When working internationally, trust may be harder to achieve due to the amount unfamiliarity and skeptics involved.

The presence of ethics in public relations is often times questioned. Public Relations practitioners should strive to prove the existence of ethics in this field.

In the IPRA’s “Code of Conduct”, the following are areas in which public relations practitioners should be aware of: observance, integrity, dialogue, transparency, conflict, confidentiality, accuracy, falsehood, deception, disclosure, profit, remuneration, inducement, influence, competitors, poaching, employment and colleagues. This “Code of Conduct” can be found at http://www.ipra.org/detail.asp?articleid=31

September was PRSA’s ethics awareness month. Here is an interesting post from PRSA’s blog relating to International Public Relations and ethics: http://prsay.prsa.org/index.php/2011/09/21/global-ethics-standar-for-public-relations/

Do you think it is possible to achieve an International Public Relations code of ethics?

By Sammie Jo Dellinger
Associate Manager

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