Wednesday, November 9, 2011

US Takes On Its First Global Marketing Campaign

The US takes on its first global marketing campaign to increase tourism and hopefully create new jobs.

The Corporation for Travel Promotion has rebranded under a new name: Brand USA. With a $200 million budget, Brand USA aims to convey the message that “The United States of awesome possibilities welcomes everyone.” It’s consumer website,, features videos, photos, travel tips, and a US logo comprised of multicolored dots.

Stephen J Cloobeck, chairman of Brand USA, said, “Brand USA has arrived, and it’s not just a tourism brand.” He goes on to say, “It is a 21st Century global brand that will help reposition our great nation in the market for travel, and drive economic activity, including billions of new spending, tens of thousands of new outsource-proof jobs and much needed-tax revenue, to spur powerful growth throughout all corners of the United States.”

Even though Brand USA promotes a message of awesome and boundless possibilities, many Americans still voice dissatisfaction through Occupy Wall Street protests and other demonstrations around the country. The US also ranks number one in holding the best national reputation worldwide, but that could be heavily influenced by the worsening economic and political trouble across Europe.

This is a HUGE PR undertaking; a country for a client, an industry as the product, and the world as the market. Hill and Knowlton, which is the agency handling the campaign’s pr, definitely have a full plate.

Will Brand USA be the answer to Americans’ prayers? Will Americans feel a greater sense of pride and patriotism and reinvest in our country? Will international citizens have a greater desire to experience the “awesome possibilities” the US has to offer?

See the video introducing Brand USA here:

By Kate Brissenden
Associate Manager

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