Thursday, November 17, 2011

What type of global organization would you like to work for?

I am now looking for a job for after graduation. I am thinking I would like to enter a Japanese company that is expanding its business to the oversea. On the other hand, I am also looking for the foreign companies’ branch in Japan.

While I am searching both types of global companies, I realized I would like to contribute the global company which has a global campaign. For example, Toyota and Honda are Japanese-based global companies with a lot of subsidiary in the world, but they do not often do the global campaigns. Instead, each region has own marketing and PR strategy. Even if I work in those kinds of the companies in Japan, I think I might not have many chances to join each region’s campaign.

However, some global companies have global campaigns. For example, Nike has a global campaign. When I was in Japan I saw a lot of commercial film which was made by Nike’s headquarters. They use same slogan and athlete in the world. I would like to work in those kinds of companies.

By the way, have you ever seen commercial film or foreign movies? I think, unfortunately, the American do not have many opportunities to see that than other countries. The U.S. is always leading other countries and also the Hollywood often remakes foreign movies for American.

If you watch the foreign movies, you might get new inspirations and might be contribute your knowledge.

By Tetsuro Otsuksa
Associate Manager

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